Hare Hunter Field


Amidst the devastation and despair rises Hare Hunter Field, an indie musician centered in emotion and impulsiveness, with transformative verses and emotionally-rich melodies that provide you comfort in the darkest days. Originating from Cincinnati, Hare Hunter Field was initiated as a project by Nick Barrows (Jack Burton Overdrive, JetLab, MaCready UK) with the name being inspired by the courtroom scene from the film ‘Judgement at Nuremberg.’ Nick Barrows aimed to shed light on the social and mental issues associated with isolation and the pandemic through his dynamic and exhilarating compositions, hard-hitting method of storytelling, and catchy harmonies. Hare Hunter Field’s sound is inspired by the infectious and groovy style of Stereolab, including their enigmatic approach and patterns, and further inspired by Tycho’s discography which emits emotional resonance. Nick Barrows continues to carry their musical legacy, creating experiences through his artistry, with introspective messages in the tracks that act as coping mechanisms for the anxiety and madness we all feel around the world at this time.